We are proud of our track record, our reputation, and the relationships we have built! Here’s what a few of our partners and clients have had to say:

The work Doug has done for us in our 100 year home is excellent. Every morning when I fix breakfast in the kitchen that Doug remodeled for us, making it to look as if it had been there for ever, I feel like I am using a gift that our friend offered us. All the work Doug has done feels this way. He is not only a thoughtful and creative, he is also a gracious adviser. He is the specialist who wants first to understand what you want and how you are going to use it and then he comes up with exactly what you wanted. Just look at the pictures of his work.

Gratefully, Ileana and Jim (Wallingford)

We have worked with Doug Rees on three remodels and been pleased with the results. Doug is a knowledgeable and conscientious general contractor who places a high value on client trust and satisfaction.

John DeForest, DeForest Architects

Doug Rees helped us build an addition for our home over the last 8 years. He managed the framing for another builder, then returned on his own to complete the finishes.  Consistent in Doug’s style is his ability to provide a crew of talented tradesmen, detailed budgets, and personable service. We very much enjoy our master suite and are glad to recommend Doug Rees.

Mark B (Bellevue, WA)

Doug was a pleasure to work with, especially given the complexity and timing of the project. No matter what complications were uncovered, he came up with cost-effective solutions to keep the project on-track and on-time.

Doug’s relationship to the clients and us, as architects, was focused on providing a high quality project and making sure that everyone was kept abreast of all details.

Furthermore, Doug’s professional business capability and ease of manner gave the clients a high level of trust, and provided me with a strong partner to see our design come to life. The attention to detail and his experience in working with any manner of material brought the project to a wonderful fruition.

Jay Lazerwitz,Owner/Architect at Art and Architecture, Seattle

It is my pleasure to recommend Doug Rees of D. L. Rees Contracting to you. As an architect and a Professor of Architecture at the University of Washington, it is always gratifying to see craftsmen devoted to good work. Doug Rees is an excellent example of  of a new generation of skilled contractors working on a small scale that is locally reviving the art of fine carpentry.

Doug has an unusual sensitivity to architectural design… In working him on a new (church library), he showed an excellent understanding of  the architectural intentions of the work he was asked to do. The willingness to work with the architect and the client to achieve well-resolved results is not only an indication of specific skills as a craftsman, but indicates an ability to understand the importance of establishing a good working relationship with all project participants.

Almost every project that involves fine carpentry has its moments of frustration, and what I have appreciated in working with Doug is his cooperative and cheerful approach when faced with unexpected difficulty. The patience and willingess to work things out is the sign of a mature individual. In short, working with Doug Rees has been a genuine pleasure and I recommend him highly to you.

Folke Nyberg, Architect and Professor of Architecture. 1936- 2010.
Folke and I worked together on a church library/reading
room project.  He will be missed by many.


I just want to write a note to thank you. I really enjoyed working with you on the project and appreciate so many things about who you are as a person: your hard work, attention to detail/service, tenacity, earnestness, patience, resourcefulness, thoroughness, problem solving abilities, real world experience with previous projects, and holding firm to make sure we didn’t make a mistake, while at the same time creatively thinking through a problem to resolution. I really appreciated all these qualities and was glad that I had a chance to work with you.

Best of all, the master suite you helped create is beautiful, and we feel like we have a nice peaceful place to rest and rejuvenate!

Much appreciation and gratitude to you,
CJ, Seattle area homeowner

D.L.Rees Contracting was prompt, made a quality installation, and worked with sensitivity to our living situation. Thank-you for the excellent work that you did!

The Olesons, Seattle Area Homeowners

Doug’s years of experience in the construction industry give him the ability to handle a broad range of situations. He conducted himself in a professional manner when dealing with customers and with our staff. We would recommend Doug Rees… and wish him continued success in his career.

Steven D. Smith, Steven D. Smith Construction
I worked as a finish carpenter as well as a framing
carpenter for two firms that Steven D. Smith
Construction worked with in the late 1980’s
and early 90’s.

Doug Rees managed a project for me recently. It was an “emergency bath remodel” for a rental house where we found leaks and floor rot while attempting to replace a toilet. We didn’t just need a new toilet – we needed a new tub surround and floor, and we needed the source of the problem fixed! It was a mess, and we had a very limited budget.

Although this wasn’t the type of project Doug normally worked on, he came through with lightning quick service, excellent craftsmen, and cost-effective solutions (even allowing me to do the painting!) They even completed the job one day early, and a bit under budget! We were very impressed.

Kathy Pritchard, Seattle area Landlord


We are happy to provide copies of original letters of recommendation or additional references of many more homeowners we have worked with (including their phone numbers) upon request.